Welcome to Sloughkeepers!


While on a paddle up Alviso Slough, the current President of Sloughkeepers, Eric Norris, and Vice-President Brooke Doverspike, encountered a large mass of garbage and fallen tree limbs blocking the way. We reported this to the Santa Clara Valley Water District who did take action and remove the blockage. However, on subsequent trips we still encountered a lot of garbage in Alviso Slough, and began bringing garbage bags to remove as much as we could. Rangers at the park told us other kayakers were doing the same. We started bringing garbage bags along on other kayaking trips, and found many kayakers more than willing to help out. The amount of garbage a half-dozen kayakers could remove from the water in just a couple of hours was impressive.

This sparked the idea behind Sloughkeepers–an organization that could formally organize clean-up paddles, and take other actions to help clean up the sloughs and waterways of San Francisco and Monterey Bays.

You can help us by joining us on a paddle, working on one of our research projects, or donating money to help defray our costs. Sloughkeepers is an all-volunteer organization. No one gets paid. Our graphic designer, printer, web designer, and legal services have all been donated. Even if you can’t paddle with us, you can still help us out! If you want to get involved, send an email. If you can help defray our costs, there is a donate button on the right side of each page of our website.


Eric Norris
President, Sloughkeepers

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