About Us

Sloughkeepers is an all-volunteer organization—no one gets paid.  Sloughkeepers is a California Public Benefit Nonprofit corporation dedicated to the removal of trash and pollutants from the sloughs and associated wetlands of the San Francisco Bay and Monterey Bay areas and to aid in the restoration and protection of animals and plants in these environments.

Here’s how we intend to do it:

(a) Organizing local kayakers to remove trash from sloughs that are inaccessible from land or to other craft.

(b) Educating residents who live near sloughs, estuaries, and wetlands on the importance of safe trash storage and how to reduce runoff pollution.

(c) Fostering a network of citizen watchdogs that will report instances of trash dumping, pollution, spills, and other threats to these environments to the local authorities.

(d) Working with other local and national environmental nonprofit organizations to raise awareness of the plight of these environments.